Our magical library elves

16 Jun

Like Harry Potter has house elves to keep everything running, we, in the library, have library elves. They prefer to be known as library monitors but I think of them as magical, like elves, so library elves they will be. Our library elves are a dedicated group of nine who come in to the library for one shift a week and do shelving, shelf reading, book pulling and other little jobs that we may have for them. Their help this year has been invaluable!

To say thank you to this little bunch, we put together small gift bags for them. These gift bags had a $15 Chapters gift cards (how appropriate), some candy and a little message from us in the library. While I had a hundred other things to do the weekend that I put these together, I thought that it was the least that we could do to make the small thank yous look like a big deal. Enter Adobe InDesign. I made little bag toppers for each of the bags with the title “Your help has been so sweet!” and a little personal thank you message on the back. After packing in 29 jellybeans, 7 gummies and a gift card, I sealed the top of the mini Ziploc-style bags and stapled a bag topper on. A simple process for a well-deserved and special thank you.

At the end of the school year, these bag toppers may be something that can help you make that simple thank you a little bit sweeter!

Download your here!


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