I’m in love…with a man with a beard

18 May

I have a new love. It’s an older man with a massive, scraggly beard. But please don’t tell my husband. You can tell him about my new love, but not about the beard. Every November my husband grows a beard for Mo-vember at his office and I hate it!! I am constantly beggin him to shave his face.

However, on my new love, a beard works.

My love’s name is Mr. Seer, Book Seer. We have only just met but it was love at first sight. He likes all the same things I do – simplicity, straightforwardness and, of course, books. And not only that, but he wants to talk about books! I told him what books I’ve read and he suggested so many more wonderful books that I might want to read. What a great conversationalist.

The best part is that he has come into my life just in time to be a summer fling. While I have time away from the library, I will have so much more free time to spend time with Mr. Seer, talking about all the books that I should read next.

You should meet him too! I may become jealous of your relationship with him, but I can’t keep him all to myself. It’s worth checking him out!

Isn't he dreamy?!?


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