You complete me

3 May

I’m creating art for the library again. It appears that I just can’t get enough. Either that, or I have so many old books sitting around that I have to find some way to use them so they aren’t sent to a farm where they can play with the other books and enjoy a long, happy life.

Enter ModPodge.

Using the old books, I tore out a bunch of pages to created a large collage on a canvas that I had sitting in my house (I’m a bit of an art supply hoarder). It looks best if you have books with slightly varied text type and size. Once I had an arrangement that I like, I slapped some ModPodge on there and glued the pages down to the canvas. And I liked what I had… but it was missing something.

That is…until some beautiful paper butterflies came to land on its corner. It was a match made in heaven. To give the butterflies some definition, I used heat embossing to lightly emboss the edges with gold and silver embossing powder.

But when I hung it up, I noticed that the colour of the paper was not significantly different from the wall. To give it some more definition from the similarly painted walls (Benjamin Moore Aged Book), I added a thick piece of ribbon tied in a bow.

Books, a bow and butterflies. What could be more perfect than that?


2 Responses to “You complete me”

  1. averageinsuburbia May 3, 2011 at 12:49 pm #

    I really like this and think I will try making something like it for my home! Great idea!

  2. Laurie August 14, 2012 at 8:14 pm #

    I am a bit of a craft collector, also. I also have a ton of books! I have a lot of the Little Golden Books. Would love to try this with some of the color pages!! Thanks for the idea!!

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