Fly away with me

30 Apr

I tend to come up with ideas while I sleep. I used to proofread essays while I slept and I would wake up and head straight to the computer to make the changes I had dreamed about. I have come up with crafts and lesson units, but now I come up with ideas for the library. This past week I dreamed of butterflies. Paper butterflies.

So I made them.

They were really simple to make and are almost as beautiful as the real thing. Here’s how I made them…


  • an old book
  • scissors
  • floral wire
  • tacky glue
  • butterfly picture

1. Tear two pages out of the old book.

2. Place those two sheets with a rough cut butterfly on top.

3. Cut around the butterfly, through both sheets of book paper. Make sure that the two sheets don’t shift so that they end up being exactly the same shape.

4. lay both of the butterflies down with the same side up (i.e. top side).

5. Measure and cut two pieces of floral wire so that it can cross in the centre of the butterfly and reach all the way to the tips of the wings.


6. Cover one butterfly with tacky glue. Make sure you get right to the edges.

8. Place the wire across the butterfly in the shape of an “x” and place the second butterfly directly on top of the first. Try to ensure that the two butterflies are perfectly lined up. Press down along all of the edges.

9. Use the wire to lift the wings into a shape that you enjoy.

You can make a series of butterflies for the edge of a bookshelf, perch one on the corner of your computer, hang a collection of them as a mobile or attach them to magnets to hold papers on your fridge. If you want them to last longer (or if they are going to be handled), try covering them in Modpodge to harden them.

I will be making a collection of these to put on a baby mobile for a friend. This is so simple as easy that I’m also thinking of using it this summer when I do arts and crafts with 5-10 year old kids. I could use simple butterfly shapes with the younger kids and more detailed shapes with the older kids. These would look great with a light paint wash as well. The possibilities are endless!


3 Responses to “Fly away with me”

  1. Desiree Craig April 30, 2011 at 8:33 pm #

    What an awesome idea!! I’ll be storing thus idea away for the future!

  2. molly October 17, 2011 at 9:29 am #

    wow, these are really pretty, great job!


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