Where is my motivation?

5 Mar

I am currently enrolled in a Web 2.0 course and it is intense and tiring and exciting. I spend waaaaay too much time on my computer and waaaaay too little time reading, quilting and napping. Today my husband is away all day playing rugby so I am going to spend the time powering through a bunch of research for my course.

Of course this means that I’m already thinking about hopping on my bike or cleaning the kitchen or checking out what’s new on Facebook (probably nothing since I just checked a little bit ago). I am doing everything I can to keep myself anchored to the couch and my computer.

Lately, some of the sites that I read have been buzzing about the Pomodoro technique. It is an old technique but it is new to me. The basic premise is that you work for 25 minutes, record what you have done and take a 5 minute break. After 4 rounds of this you get a longer 20 minute break. So I’ve started to use http://www.focusboosterapp.com/live. It simply is a 25 minute timer on your computer. If it works for me, I will download the desktop version for my computer. It is nice to be able to look at the timer and know that there is a break coming (even though it may be 24 minutes and 37 seconds away).

I actually think that I was on to this technique when I was little and had to practice piano. I would put a pile of jellybeans on the side of the piano and every time I could make it to the end of a line without making a mistake I would pop a jellybean. It is a good thing that I wasn’t awesome at piano or I may have ended up obese practicing every day for almost an hour. How many people can say “I’m fat because I play piano too much” – not many, I’m sure.

So, on my next break, I will spend some time hurting my brain playing Interlocked, an addictive online puzzle. You should check it out on your next break!


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