You need enough light to read

25 Feb

After our library reshuffle, the addition of the couch and the movement of the fiction spinners, there was a large (ugly) cream wall that was an eyesore. It is the first thing that you see when you walk into the fiction area. Not super inviting. It had to change.




So, of course, it has been driving me nuts. I started searching on Craigslist and found some chairs for the space. It was very Goldilocks; some were too big, some were too small and some were uglier than the bare wall. Then the perfect chair came along – and it was only $15! A steal!


Comfy without stealing all of the space or blocking the books.


But a chair wasn’t enough. I hit up IKEA and found a lamp stand on sale. So now the chair has a friend.


"Friends laugh together, ha ha ha ha. Friends make graphs together, la la la la." -Flight of the Concords


Unfortunately, I wasn’t done. I’ve had visions of a book lamp for weeks now so I wanted to make it happen. Today, I lugged in my husband’s drill and drill bit set, my dad’s clamps, and some old books. Mission: drill holes through the books.


Drill bits

Plus clamps

Plus drill

Equals mess

Plus book with hole


I reassessed after this first book was done. The drill had a faint burnt odor, the table was full of little bits of paper and I had students in the study area glaring at me every time I started up the drill. Time for Plan B.

I borrowed a glue gun from one of the art teachers in our school (the same one who helped his kids create the art that went up in the library. Don’t remember it? Check it out here) and pulled out all of our weeded books. The books looked like a  hot mess in the box. There were too many different colours on the spines. I noticed that we had a ridiculous number of books with black spines and that the title and author names really popped.

I started stacking and, once the glue gun was introduced into the story, I was committed.


Here goes nothing

Mess-maker, mess-maker, make me a mess!

A work in progress

On the way up!


It took awhile but here is the final product. I love it!


Yessir. That is a nice looking lamp. Very "library appropriate".

A chair surrounded by books. Heaven.


Now for that space above the chair. I feel like it is just screaming for some custom artwork….


2 Responses to “You need enough light to read”

  1. Desiree Craig February 25, 2011 at 8:36 am #

    Stunning! And love the Flight of the Conchords quote!

    • freshlymintedlibrarian February 25, 2011 at 10:32 am #

      Thanks! Now I just need to remember to bring the light bulbs for the lamp next time I go in to work.

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