The library’s mani-pedi

21 Feb

I think that signage is like a person’s fingernails. It is not something that you notice at first but it can seriously put you off when you realize that they are not as nice as you would expect. Well, our library has had a makeover this year so now it is time for a signage mani-pedi.

The signs needed to be recreated after our reshuffle but it was on the back burner while I completed other tasks. For quite awhile our signs were just pink post-it notes. Now, I’ll be honest – maybe I subconsciously didn’t want to change them because I love all things pink and post-it notes have a special place in my heart. Well, maybe it wasn’t really a subconscious thing after all. But the post-its have come down.

(I have a very dear friend who loves Before and After photos so, Des, this is for you.)

Here are the old signs…

In my haste to get rid of this hideous sign, I didn't remember to photograph it until it was already in the garbage can. It is just so gross. When I took it down I realized that the beige colour actually used to be pink. Shocking.

The signs were all simple type on a blue background. They were okay but not amazing.

Most of them were starting to curl up which made them look a little messy.

Here it is now…

The English non-fiction books all have green signs. They are nice and bright and easy to read from across the room.

French books all have orange signs and the French teacher resources are a lovely royal blue.

Here is a new pink sign for the English teacher resources (no more beige!)

The signs are clear, bright and help to make the library more modern and relevant.

I love "afters."

One more look at the change:



Much better!


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