Facebook as homework?

12 Feb
Students are very comfortable creating and maintaining Facebook pages. Apparently, in the district I work in, during every high school break between classes the available internet bandwidth in the district plummets because all the kids whip out their smart phones and log on to their Facebook accounts. So, let’s put this skill to use!

Fakewall is a site that allows students to create face Facebook accounts and walls. Students can include pictures, comments from other Facebook friend characters, include profile information and all of the other things that you can find on a Facebook page. This is a site that could be useful to teachers in almost any subject area. This would be great to allow students to make connections between characters, historical figures, chemical elements, parts of the body, people of interest, mathematical theorems etc.
This Fakewall Elizabeth 1 page may get you interested and allow your brain to percolate with ideas…

I am amazed that people can come up with this. An assignment like this would be a great way to have all students producing, but allow students who have a deeper understanding of the connections between characters, motivation, plot, etc. to demonstrate their knowledge. With an assignment like this, students may actually enjoy doing their homework!


One Response to “Facebook as homework?”

  1. paola February 12, 2011 at 3:47 am #

    love this idea! thanks for sharing!

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