Chat Noir

12 Jan

Over the break, I stumbled upon the game Chat Noir. This game stumped my husband for an hour or so until he found the trick and could “show the cat who was boss.” It’s nice to know that he perseveres when he is working toward important personal goals.

I did not have a personal vendetta with the black cat and I just enjoyed playing the game because I like the design and the way the cat moves. It’s addictive.

Oh, and I also enjoyed Chat Noir because I beat it the second time I played! And, what! (But don’t tell my husband that I’m obviously way smarter than him!)

Give it a try! Let's see how long it takes you to "crrrush heeeem"

Let me know how long it takes you before you can “stick it to the cat” (another fabulous Matt-ism from my husband).


One Response to “Chat Noir”

  1. Nat January 12, 2011 at 7:34 pm #

    I was addicted to this game a year or so ago. I hesitate to wade back in, but it’s sitting right in front of me now, so here I go. Your husband was moaning the other day about the Settlers of Catan conspiracies against him, BTW. Apparently you rock that game too.

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