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10 Jan

After my wedding I created photobooks for my wedding and engagement photos. They turned out nicely and I have always wanted to make another one but I did not feel inspired by anything.

This week I came across Blurb.com. It is a site for printing your own book and I began to feel some inspiration. The prices are quite reasonable and the site allow you to create books in three different ways: through exclusive use of their layouts, through layouts that allow for modifications, or through Adobe InDesign (a program I use regularly! How perfect!).

My teacher-brain started going… How great would it be for students to publish their favourite writing at the end of the year? And a teacher could publish a book of class poetry. Soft-cover books start at only $2.95!

Moving on to colour printed books…. Kids could make a portfolio of their artwork by taking photos of their work and uploading them into a book with titles and artist blurb for each piece. These books start at $13.95 for 20-40 pages. As a parent, I would be more than happy to pay for a book of my child’s work. If that would be difficult for individual parents, this could be part of a fundraising initiative.

I don’t usually come up with New Year’s resolutions but this year, Blurb has inspired me to write my own cook book. I never thought I would want to do this because I don’t really love to cook. However, as someone who constantly has to modify recipes because of my ridiculous list of food allergies, my own cookbook is the perfect way to record the recipes that I come up with.

My first recipe will be for the wheat-free, corn-free, soy-free (no, not taste-free) pizza that I made the other night. Delish!

I can see many Blurb books in my future!


One Response to “Weekend Website”

  1. Caroline Hanna January 12, 2011 at 10:09 pm #

    Matt sent us your blog! I like it and really like this post 🙂 good idea for Stuart’s bday present!

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