Back to reality … sort of

5 Jan

Because of the strange work schedule I have, after 18 days off, I had one day of work before another 6 days off. Today was a fabulous opportunity to catch up on some work and plan a few things for the upcoming weeks (like a new window display that is percolating in my brain – stay tuned for that).

But before I check out of Christmas break mode and officially take down all of my Christmas decorations (which will be hard because I feel like I have made an emotional connection with our tree), here are some pictures to show you what kept me busy over the break.

I spent quite a bit of time making Christmas gifts - like this tutu for my second cousin

...and this pencil pouch

My dad and his brothers are obsessed with clamps (yeah, I know) so for Christmas this year I created a Fabulous Clamp Calendar for the upcoming year. Like they always say, you can never have so many clamps! Now they have a new clamp every month.

I did a ridiculous amount of baking. Seven hours one day! I was so exhausted that I forgot to take pictures of the 6 types of cookies, two types of bars and peppermint chocolate but, I promise you, it look delicious!

I don't know what it is about these chocolate chip cookies but I have friends who refuse to come over unless I have cookies... though that may say more about me than my cookies.


I think I do too much baking during the holidays!

The rest of my time was filled with visiting with my lovely sister (she lives in California so I don’t get to see her as often as I would like), seeing good friends who are in town from all parts of the world, spending time with family and playing board games.

Board games are the one thing that I may love more than books. For Christmas, my husband bought me Settlers of Catan and, though he refused to play it at first, since opening it we have become addicted. There may be an intervention staged shortly.

It doesn't look wild and wonderful but it is a fabulous game!


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