Weekend Website

5 Dec

Here is some more horn tooting for myself (I admit, this shameless self-promotion may be becoming a bit much but I guess that doesn’t stop me). This week’s weekend website is…drumroll…my own! Well, not really my own, but our new library website which I have created. There are a few links which are a little iffy and I’m still adding more but I’m super excited about what I have done so far.

The library website was done on Blogger (so I have had to learn another blogging program) and I think I may enjoy Blogger more than WordPress (eek, I’m hoping that my blog isn’t wiped off of WordPress for saying that). I like WordPress for its clean look and easy to use interface, but I enjoy the customization allowed in Blogger.

So here is the unveiling of the new library website

It has links for subject resources, teacher resources and old assignment resources. It also links to our catalogue, research sites and school sites. Through LibraryThing I created a slideshow of the new and hot books that we have in the library. This site is easy for this because you simply need to scan the ISBN on the back of the book and the book’s image is automatically updated in the widget embedded in your blog. Fabulous!


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