How to make a librarian’s day

2 Dec

We have done so much work in the library in the past few weeks and, I have to tell you, yesterday it was all worth it. After 3 weeks of putting up my “New and Hot” display I was beginning to wonder how much of an impact it was having. I have two displays that I change weekly – one in the library window facing out into the hallway and one in the library study area. I put up the cover images and reviews of 6 or 7 different books in each of these display areas to try to entice students to come in and check out a book that interests them (I’m hoping that these displays will attract the attention of students who wouldn’t normally wander through the library to look for a book). 

New and Hot

Yesterday, I was changing the book display in the library study area and there was a student working at the desk right under the display. He kept working as I put up the images and blurbs for another set of books and just as I was about to finish he asked, “Do you have those books in the library?” I told him we did and he replied, “Oh, well, I was reading the last signs that you had up and the books sounded pretty good. I will have to come in and take a look.” It was music to my ears. I tried my best to wipe the shocked/elated look from my face, told him that sounded great and managed to resist jumping for joy until I was out of his sight line. That made my day!


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