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27 Nov

My husband and I seem to watch an inordinate number of shows about World War II. Our television seems to be constantly recording something on the History Network (a network that I think would be beneficial to Canadian teachers since most of its programs have a strong Canadian focus – check out Turning Points in History and WWII in HD).

While I know a lot about World War II, I don’t know very much about World War I. To remedy this, lately I have been doing some research about World War 1. Unfortunately, our library is  devoid of Canadian reference materials on this topic. We have American made encyclopedia sets on the topic but only a few non-fiction Canadian titles.

While researching a proposal to supplement this area I came across this stellar website: Canadian War Museum. The museum is far away, on the other side of Canada, but provides many wonderful online exhibits and links. The online exhibit Canada and the First World War is full of information and can act as the first supplement to our collection. This is a link that will definitely be getting sent on to teachers for this topic!

(As an aside, the Virtual Museum of Canada is another online museum gem with a variety of topics and virtual exhibits. It’s also worth checking out!)


One Response to “Weekend Website”

  1. Anne Letain December 15, 2010 at 7:47 pm #

    Love both the sites you’ve mentioned. Actually was on the vetting committee for Virtual Museums of Canada -and I’ve still got the snazzy black promo pencils!

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