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7 Nov

So, last week I watched one of our science VHS tapes about DNA replication. Then I felt the overwhelming need to send a note of apology to every one of the science teachers in our school. The video was not current, it was not engaging and it made no sense (and I have a degree in Biology!). As an olive branch I have sent them the information about X-Stream Science.

The X-Stream Science site offers a series of videos (à la Bill Nye) to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and is targeted at middle school students. Episodes are available for free online viewing or downloading. Lesson plans can also be downloaded.

The titles that they have available are:
    • “Air Pressure vs Altitude”
    • “2001 Space Weight Loss Plan”
    • “Convection Connection”
    • “Atmosphere Pie”
    • “States of Matter”
    • “Parts of an Airplane”
    • “Aerostatics vs Aerodynamics””
    • “The Montgolfier Brothers”

These are a series of vignettes designed to introduce students to the topics. I also sent teachers a link for Splicd so that they can choose the sections applicable to the learning outcomes of the lesson and only show those to their students. 

Unfortunately X-Stream Science does not have any biology topics available, but I will keep searching for that. 


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