An explanation for my absence

5 Nov

My computer has officially kicked the bucket. One day it was working, the next it wasn’t. This forced me to bring my old computer out of storage. My old computer is light and clean-looking, but does have some deficiencies. Because of a quick and dirty meeting with the tile floor on our honeymoon, the computer struggles to remain on at all times and it is missing an “L” key. It still has a connection to the internet and an old copy of Microsoft Word so I thought it would work fine for updating my blog.

Much to my dismay, I was incorrect in this assumption. (You know what they say about people who assume….) The programs are too old to allow me to log in to wordpress so I was forced to search for another way to post. And then I found Posterous!

I had heard about Posterous on the weekend at a meeting to schedule speakers for our upcoming professional development conference next October. I thought that it had something to do with poster creation or maybe post-it notes (that might have just been wishful thinking on my part as I love all things post-it). When I checked it out I realized that it is a blog type format but it has a few differences from a typical blog which make it great for classroom use.

Similar to most blogs, it has a variety of different templates to choose from for its overall appearance. You can also add widgets and create new pages.

However, in Posterous you do not have to log in to post on your page. This is what makes it ideal for me to use with my ancient and sad computer. One of the most important differences for teachers is that the creator of a Posterous page can invite other individuals to contribute to the blog.

These contributors don’t have to be able to log in and see the back office of the blog. Outside contributors simply share their thoughts and add blog posts by sending an email from their registered email account (the one the blog creator has added as a contributor) and the post is added to the blog as an individual blog post.

This would be a great application for teachers doing novel studies. When a student begins a novel, he or she can be added as an email contributor and post into the discussion. When the student is done the book, his or her email address can be removed as a contributor (and added to the Posterous page for the next novel that he or she will be reading). This would stop people from outside the discussion from posting and also doesn’t force the teacher to give the log in information to students.

Posterous is one that I need to tell the blog-loving teachers in my school about!

And here is my post from last week – on my new Posterous site. The Useful Websites page in “Sites I Like” has many new websites that I haven’t yet covered on my WordPress blog.


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