Weekend Website

24 Oct

I am involved with a specialist group of teachers who serve intermediate teachers. For our professional development day I had to help run a conference and didn’t get any professional development of my own. To try to remedy that I have been voraciously reading journal articles online, especially in the area of the internet and the library.

During my research I came across School Library Monthly’s blog and, after seeing this, I’m afraid that my husband may have some competition for my time.

This site is a wealth of information and resources. It has quite a few entries on technology in the library and links to many helpful websites. The visuals of the blog are engaging and vibrant and the organization of the site makes it incredibly user-friendly. The archives are all listed and none of the articles are time-wasters. They are organized by date and also by topic.

I really like that the current entries seem to coincide with things that teachers have been asking me about lately. This shows me that my teachers are up-to-date but also that we are on the right track with new technology initiatives. It is also helpful that I have found this resource because now I can use this blog as my cheat sheet and look like I know all of the answers!


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