I dream of a beautiful library

20 Oct

This post is dedicated to all librarians-who-wish-that-they-were-interior-designers. Drooling is allowed.

I have spent many hours over the past few days looking at library design. I may have to plan a trip to Amsterdam to see the new Netherlands branch library.

Apparently, the number of users in the month after it opened increased 5%. I wonder what the increase in the number of international visitors was. The whole goal of the library was to be more of a bookstore than a traditional library. It has shelving that displays the front covers of the books, comfortable sitting areas and a colourful, modern design.

I have linked this stunning catalogue desk before but I can’t get it out of my mind so here it is again. It was created with old books when a new library was built at the Technology University in Delft (interestingly enough, also in Amsterdam).

This bookshelf caught my eye and I’m sure it would make students stop to take a second look.

If I find myself with some time on my hands, I will look into making one of these. I could fill it with a selection of books that make you look at an issue differently.

The previous two library decorating ideas may be far off dreams, but I have plans to make this next one a reality. I have mentioned before that I love the alphabet as a decorating tool and this is the best way to use it as a functional decorating tool…as an alphabet bookshelf!

Joanne’s Crafts (in the country of our cousins to the south) has a selection of large 3D cardboard letters. They are intended to be painted or papered or decorated in some other creative way. If I was to paint these out and attach them together (using my father’s expertise as an engineer) they could be a stunning way to display books that I want to highlight. It would be ideal because I could design it to have the books facing with the cover out (as we all know that the likelihood of choosing a book if you can see the cover goes way up).

Sometimes I just like to dream.


One Response to “I dream of a beautiful library”

  1. Anne Letain December 15, 2010 at 7:55 pm #

    There are some good library supply companies in the UK that build some very different library furniture (just Google). Such a change from Brodart, etc.

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