Weekend Website

17 Oct

Ooh and ahh. I love books. I especially love books when I am the first one to read them. That’s sick, I know, but I just can’t help it. It hurts me a little inside to pass on this website because it might impair my ability to be the first to have seen a new up and coming book but I am willing to make this sacrifice.


I should just end my post there to entice you to check it out… but I can’t help but gab a bit about how exciting it is.

The page iteslf if very attractive with a rotating shelf of books to entice the viewer. Librarians can sign up to read books before their release date and, in some cases, even before their publication date! You can choose the types of books that you are most interested in and be a casual reader or sign up as a book reviewer for publishers. Since we all have oodles of free time, I know we will all be signing up for that. NetGalley is a good way for librarians to be tuned to the new and upcoming books.


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