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3 Oct

One of the things that I found difficult as a teacher was finding work for those one-off lessons. I loved planning challenging units on topics like the Holocaust or Electricity but I struggled to teach things like grammar or those little lessons that sometimes come up throughout the year. I was able to come up with an idea and develop a fun way to get the students involved but sometimes I didn’t want to have to recreate the wheel. Teachers have great ideas and are often more than willing to share them. There are two sites that have great lesson ideas and practice sheets for students to use: Annie’s Resource Attic and Super Teacher Worksheets.

Annie’s Resource Attic has fabulous lesson ideas and creative activities. This site sometimes takes a bit of searching because there is so much available but it is clearly organized and easy to use.

Super Teacher Worksheets is just that; a collection of worksheets for students. While I don’t push a lot of worksheet use, sometimes it is calming for students to have some quiet work to do or this resource could be used for extra practice for those fast-finishers.

While I think the secondary teachers that I work with probably wouldn’t benefit from worksheets on addition and subtraction, these would be great resources for both primary and intermediate teachers.


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