Weekend Website

18 Sep

Youtube boasts a wealth of visual and auditory information interspersed with videos of cats riding on dogs and people walking into sliding glass doors. Often when creating a presentation for students, you find the perfect clip but it is surrounded by extraneous information before or after the bit that you want to show. There are two websites to help remedy this unfortunate situation:

A simple solution is www.youtubetime.com; a basic site which allows the viewer to start a youtube video at the perfect moment.

And then there is www.splicd.com. While thinking about this website, I had a flashback to hurtling my body through time and space in my grade 6/7 classroom in order to stop a clip that I didn’t want to continue any longer. If I had known about this site I could have prevented my need for an in-class impromptu sprint. Splicd allows you to set the start and end time for your youtube clip. After loading your clip in to Splicd, the site provides a new URL in the place of the original youtube link, ensuring that you only view the portion of the video that you have selected. Ahh, if only I had known…


One Response to “Weekend Website”

  1. Melisa Hunter September 19, 2010 at 2:27 pm #

    Thanks for the tip! Can’t wait to try it out when my library is set up for this! 😉

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